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Report Options

Report Options

Choose at least one report filter for your report. You may choose multiple filter options Example: Date Range & Event Type "Attend & Appear" will show you only appearance events.
Pro Tip: Any text you save in the custom text fields can be used to create unique reports. Leaving fields blank will pull all data from that field. Ex. Leaving the Case Name field blank will pull deadlines from all cases within that date range or jurisdiction.
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Display Options

Display Options

Select the fields you would like to include in your report. The case name, date/time, and event are generated by default and cannot be removed. Each time you change your display options, click 'Preview Report' to add or remove your selected fields from the report view.

Report Preview

Once you have run your report, you can do quick filtering to create a subset of your report data by using the search box in the report results section.
Pro Tip - The copy button will copy the unformated text. If you select the text using click & drag, you can paste your report right into an email with formatting.