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Case Details

Case Details

Choose an existing case or CREATE A CASE Need to calculate a non-rules based deadline? Click here to learn more. Need to view your case? ALL CASES. Need to calculate a scheduling order? Click here to learn more.
Trigger Details

Trigger Details

Trigger: Select a trigger from the dropdown. What is a trigger? Trigger Date: Select the date of the triggering item. Service Type: Select service type if applicable. Appt. Length: Appointment length and time only need to be selected if your trigger contains an appearances or timed event. Trigger Name (Optional) Each trigger has a default name and an optional field where you can edit the name. ( i.e: Deposition of Mr John Smith )

(Jurisdiction required)

Trigger Date:
Appointment Length:
Service Type:

Service Type not required

Trigger Name (Optional):
Custom Details (Optional)

Custom Details (Optional)

The title, location, and description fields allow you to enter custom text into your events and will be applied to every event on this trigger. Changes to text entered on this screen will only apply to this trigger. Title text will insert by default in between your case name and deadline. Description will appear in the description section of the event.